STA Travel Sounds is a brand new musical platform – a place to discover those unsigned singers, groups and DJs already making waves in their own neighbourhood pubs and clubs; and who we believe are about to make it big on the world stage. We select the best new global talent and bring it exclusively to STA Travel Sounds. Connect with statravelsounds.com each month to discover our latest artist and their new track, handpicked for us. We also have a compilation of other musical goodness, including hot picks from our artists, insider interviews, tour and festival news, plus details about how to get involved. We can’t wait to explore our world in sound with you. X STA Travel Sounds crew. Pretty stellar behind the decks or rocking the local festival scene? Get in touch. For all enquiries: tor.white@statravel.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to give fresh talent a place to shine and access to a global audience. Over the next few months we’ll be announcing how you could become one of the artists we showcase. In the mean time, drop Tor an email at tor.white@statravel.com or connect through our Contact Us page, and we’ll let you know when it happens!

Ever walked down the street and heard a vague riff that took you back to a road trip with your best mates? Or missed your train because a tune on your iPod had you daydreaming about your last snowboarding adventure? Same with us. Music and travel are the perfect partners in crime – they awaken your senses, imprint themselves on your being and connect you with others.

STA Travel has always shone the spotlight on the best experiences and destinations around the world. We’ve done that because we’ve been there – we know because we go. We are real like that.

And now we’re doing the same with music.

The music we showcase is real, raw and ready to be explored. We are curating the ultimate adventure playlist, a point of discovery.

We’ll be travelling the word through music, come along for the ride.

You’ll just have to stay connected to find out what’s coming!


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