After a brief hiatus following her critically acclaimed sophomore album ‘Cat & Bird’, Anna Coddington returned to push in a new direction with a string of bold singles: Bird In Hand, Make You Mine and The Runner. In 2015 she followed these with self-produced single Slate and a NZ tour with US-based Silver Scroll winner LIPS.

Anna is currently working on her third album which will be the culmination of five years of diligent songwriting and many hours in her home studio, as well as studio sessions at Auckland’s The Lab with NZ’s finest musician’s. Songs from the album will be trickled out as a series of singles over the year before the album’s release in late 2016.

Anna is known for her enchanting live performances and voice which “flows perfectly from soft to grunty”, and for her songwriting prowess which has seen her in the prestigious Silver Scroll songwriting award Top 20 list four times.

She is a regular in the Fly My Pretties collaboration, has performed Aotearoa’s top music and arts festivals, and has sung her way around the country on numerous tours over the years.


Anna recommends checking out:


LIPS is a Tuscon-based two piece, which was started by Auckland native Steph Brown. Steph is an absolute badass on anything with a keyboard and usually plays 3 different keyboards/synths at a time, whilst singing. Fen Ikner is the drummer and also multi tasks with samples and other tomfoolery. Between them they sound like six people so it’s really great to watch- like a trick. I toured with them in NZ last year and we had the best time! They are exceptional songwriters and very tasteful with their production so they make the kind of music that I like to listen to.

Nadia Reid

Nadia Reid is a NZ folk artist growing a huge reputation overseas. Her album ‘Listen to Formation, Look for The Signs’ has had great reviews in all these amazing publications like the New York Times and the Guardian and Mojo and even Pitchfork gave her a thumbs up. Her songs are spooky and her voice is so, so beautiful and haunting. I got her album a while back on bandcamp and loved it but have recently been listening to it again and finding new levels in it, which is what happens with really good albums.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Not strictly ‘local’ but Reuben is the brains behind this operation and he is from NZ so we claim UMO like we are all mates with them and they live down the road. They put out one of the best albums of 2014 ‘Multi Love’ and went next level again with great songs and musical styles and doing something new. From what I know Reuben did all the engineering and production himself with help from his brother Kody (who also makes amazing music under the name S I L I C O N) and the sound of the album is so central to how great it is. I kind of hate those brothers for being so talented. But I love them for making great music.


My first recommendation for places to go in NZ is always Raglan! My hometown. I grew up there and stayed until I moved to Auckland for university/music. It has family-friendly black sand beaches and good surf spots if you’re that way inclined. It has several excellent cafes and nice shops and a real cool small town buzz about it these days- big change from when I was growing up and there was the pub, the fish n chip shop, the dairy, the foursquare and one restaurant called Seagulls and that was about it. It was still cool but it’s nice to have options. There’s a really strong creative community for both music and visual arts.

I also love Wanaka. It’s just such a beautiful little town with a great community. The town is built around Lake Wanaka which is absolutely stunning and great for summer swims. They have several great music and arts festivals over the year and I always try to incorporate it to any tours I do.

Last words?

Really, New Zealand is an amazing place to live and I’m proud to call it home. Be sure to take your time here. Don’t try and plan too much, you’ll experience New Zealand best if you just relax and go with the flow. If things take a little longer than expected, that’s all good. There’s not too much to worry about when you’re staying in our South Pacific slice of paradise.