With a passion for music nurtured through training in classical piano and schooling in sound engineering Harry Clarke has forged a path as one of the most creative and visionary producers in the UK. His first commercial releases at the tender age of sixteen on the record label Arcade Pony earned him attention from icons such as Annie Nightingale and Andi Durrant. As one half of Bass Music heavy weights Punx Soundcheck, alongside John Taylor, he has earned radio plays across the globe and remixes for an array of major artists.

Harry Clarke is our first STA Travel Sounds Selects artist, working with us outside of SBTV, and we are really excited to welcome him to the Sounds family and his killer track with the fine vocals of Bea Chappel, La Plage.

Hot live picks and new artists

We ran around the colourful fields and through the masses of tents and dancers at Bestival (a multi-award winning 4 ay music festival with a 60,000 strong crowd on the Isle of Wight in the UK) asking what were some of the hot picks to see and any thoughts on new artists to keep an eye on. And if you want to find out more about how we ended up at Bestival and running our first STA Travel Hostel, check this out.

What’s the best Festival?

Okay,  so we admit it’s a slightly biased view as we asked Bestival goers while at Bestival about their favourite festival… but it was our first time and it was incredible and we will be doing more and continuing to grow the peace, love and adventure!