illiterate has always been surrounded by music in someway and has always loved writing lyrics. He first got into music through his older brother who was always DJing drum and bass when he was younger. He eventually started listening to Hip-Hop, specifically UK, as he was also into artists such as Jehst, Taskforce and Braintax amongst other classic American artists. illiterate later went on to study music production at Northbrook College for 4 years which is when he started his own record label Yogocop Records. “My favourite aspect of music is how much it has allowed me to travel, through playing music I have been able to visiting and perform in Berlin, Barcelona & even Bangkok with my band, thanks to STA Travel. I would have never visited these places if I hadn’t been into music and I look forward to seeing where it will take me in the future.” – illiterate

Local tips: top five places to go in Brighton

Glazed Coffee – This is my favourite place for coffee in Brighton as not only are the (vegan) donuts banging, the coffee is always perfect, with local and mainly independent beans on rotation. The staff are all super friendly too and the whole place has a generally chilled atmosphere. Check them out on instagram and pop in next time your near.

Rarekind Records – As far as independent record shops goes RK has always been one of my favourite. You’re guaranteed to find something for you as there is a wide selection of all genres, from world music to classic 90s Hip-Hop, not to mention the cheaper crates which is where most my samples usually come from. Be sure to check out their website and pop in next time your in Brighton as it’s just down the hill from the station, so no excuses!

Local musicians to watch out for

Vels Trio – This incredible jazz trio are based in Brighton and never fail to impress me with their high energy, technical live performances. I first saw them when I was working at a live music venue in Brighton and have since been following them intently. Intricate drums, dreamy Rhodes and all round tight grooves, make sure you check them out live if you get the chance or have a look at their soundcloud.

Yogocop Records – Although this is the label I help run I am not being bias when I say there is a lot of talent to look out for on here. Rapper WunDrop has just released his debut EP ‘The X-Brain Yo-Yo Tape’ which is full of gritty, bass heavy beats and grim yet poetics reflections of his experiences and surroundings. There is also ‘Team Dreebs Vol/2’ which is a 20 track album filled with various styles of Hip-Hop and lots of really good artists, definitely worth checking out. As well as all this Harvs & KLB are about to release a deluxe CD version of their debut EP ‘Lean Works’ which features 3 heavy bonus tracks. If you’re interested in more simply check out the website.