Copenhagen born and London based singer Marie Dahlstrøm hit the scene with her unique twist of alt-R&B in 2011, when she released her first EP Feelings. The EP catapulted Marie into the industry earning her a whopping three Scandinavian Soul Awards in 2013, and yet again she won another this year for her collaberation with Les Loups on the track ‘Stay’.

Last year Marie received international praise by way of her single ‘Look the Other Way‘ alongside Sophie Faith – which was compared to Brandy and Monica’s iconic ‘The Boy Is Mine,’. Her recent follow-up ‘Crashing Down,’ which premiered exclusively via Billboard was produced by Joe Garrett (co-writter on Zayn Malik’s Pillow Talk).

Taking influence from the likes of 90’s Rnb, Jazz and Scandinavian Singer Songwriters, Marie is busy in the studio writing new material and putting finishing touched to her EP due for release very soon.


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